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3 Gal. Kit REV M.V.P. (Moisture Vapor Protection)
V-8 Rev M.V.P. is an industrial strength fast dry two part, 100% solids epoxy moisture vapor protection product. It is formulated to reduce and protect against moisture vapor that is formed in either green or old concrete during mixing. Eliminate the 28 day cure period of concrete before applying an epoxy, hybrid coating, carpet, vct, tile, or hardwood by using V-8 Rev M.V.P.. Rev M.V.P. can be applied at any time after 24 hours of the concrete being poured. It can be used either as a primer or as a stand-alone product. Rev M.V.P. is designed to reduce a moisture vapor emission rate of 20 pounds to under 4 pounds as per the Calcium Chloride Test.

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