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3 Gal. Kit REV M.V.P. (Moisture Vapor Protection)

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V-8 Rev M.V.P. is an industrial strength fast dry two part, 100% solids epoxy moisture vapor protection product. It is formulated to reduce and protect against moisture vapor that is formed in either green or old concrete during mixing. Eliminate the 28 day cure period of concrete before applying an epoxy, hybrid coating, carpet, vct, tile, or hardwood by using V-8 Rev M.V.P.. Rev M.V.P. can be applied at any time after 24 hours of the concrete being poured. It can be used either as a primer or as a stand-alone product. Rev M.V.P. is designed to reduce a moisture vapor emission rate of 20 pounds to under 4 pounds as per the Calcium Chloride Test.

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Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Part A
Safety Data Sheet Part B
Surface Preparation:
Concrete must be mechanically prepared by shot-blasting to an ICRI Concrete Surface Profile of CSP 3. Do not acid etch. Grinding can be done in areas not accessible to shot-blasting. Area must be free of all dust, dirt and debris prior to applying REV M.V.P. Clear Formula. Do not use sweeping compounds as they contain oil which will cause bonding issues.

Coat in as little as 24 hours after concrete has been poured
Reduce a moisture vapor emission rate of 20 pounds to under 4 pounds
Can be pigmented
Can be used as primer coats
Can be broadcast into
Meets VOC Standards

As a moisture vapor protection primer, Rev M.V.P.’s coverage is
150 sq. ft./gal. at 12lbs or below on the moisture reading,
120 sq. ft./gal. at 12-18lbs on the moisture reading
100sq. ft./gal at 18-22lbs on the moisture reading, anything above consult a technical advisor.

Pot Life @73°F = 30 Minutes
Touch Dry @ 73°F = 2.5 Hours
Open to Foot Traffic @73°F = 3 Hours

Refer to Product Data Sheet for complete instructions.