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Large Hopper Washout Bag - Lined

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Wide Design Large Hopper Washout Bag Captures Big Loads Without A Frame.
(L72" x W42" x H16" - 1.2CY) For Pump Trucks.

• Adheres to environmental regulations
• Strength-tested, tear-resistant woven polypropylene
• Slides under ready mix chutes and pumps
• Partially-enclosed top keeps material contained during transport
• Small center opening minimizes spillage
• Chain-stitched waterproof liner prevents liquids from seeping
• Reinforced, over-lock stitching adds extra strength and structure
• Extra sturdy reinforced poly straps for forklift portability
• Poly pocket for accurate project identification
• Volume capacity 32.4 cubic feet | 242.4 Gallons / 1.2 cubic yards