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5 Gal.TK - Gold VOC Form Release

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An economical, low odor, chemically-reactive form release agent which prevents concrete from sticking to forms and form liners during the curing process.

Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
By the interaction of its fatty acids with the alkalinity of cement, TK-GOLD VOC provides easy release of concrete and form. “VOC” formulation meets VOC content requirements.


• Increases the life of the form by providing a film that is water and rust-proof.
• Results in properly formed concrete that is ready for curing, sealing, paint or other coatings.
• Will not stain or discolor the concrete.
• Reduces clean-up time by preventing concrete build-up on the form or any tools and equipment used to place the concrete.
• Versatile and practical – TK-GOLD VOC is suitable for cold weather applications down to 0°F.