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20R Radius Wedge Yellow Wet Set ADA Panel

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Estimate the amount of alternating tiles and wedges needed to cover area. Example: A 15R ramp 12' wide would need roughly 5 - 15R wedges and 6 - 2' x 2' Tiles (6x2=12)

TufTile Radius Calculator
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Product Data Sheet
TufTile® wet-set detectable warning tiles deliver the best UV stable polymer tiles in the industry. Made of advanced proprietary polymers, our tiles will not bloom, crack, or fade. The flat-back design minimizes trapped air between the tile and concrete eliminating voids for water to collect. Engineered to endure high volume foot traffic, the molded in-line truncated domes provide a compliant transition from surrounding surfaces. The unique anchor design holds tiles and wedges securely to fresh concrete.

For additional assistance with radius calculations contact customer service at 1-888-860-8897.